Some riders prefer not to decide.

They work with Vitess founder Julien Papon and his team to craft a Vitess Bespoke that feels as extraordinary on the road as it looks unique to the eye. It is the quintessential expression of their personality and aspirations.

But beyond delivering sublime performance, unequalled craftsmanship and design, Vitess Bespoke is first and foremost about a process and a relentless attention to details. From initial consultation to bicycle delivery and beyond, we have refined a roadmap that is designed to deliver delight every step of the way.

Commissioning a Vitess Bespoke is about making a statement: one of individuality, self-confidence and exclusivity. From $15,000.

Please email to book a introductory call with our Founder, Julien Papon.

During our first consultation, we discuss your aspirations, qualify your exposure to cycling and start evaluating your needs. Then we quantify your physiological needs in our advanced cycling lab, discuss your visual aspirations and review the product performance requirements that you might be seeking.

Once the general boundaries of your Vitess Bespoke are set, your journey through our creative process begins. Work one-on-one with our creative director and turn infinite possibilities into a singular artwork that tells your very own story and motivates you to go further. Colours, motifs, unique design elements, textures, surface treatments, leatherwork integration and design, component integration, and more. The palette of choices is immense, but the framework we have built to guide you through the decision making process will make our interactions extremely rewarding.

The next step is manufacturing. All of the work is done by hand, one piece at a time: your carbon fibre frame-set and the various other carbon components get finished, hand-sanded and prepared for paint. Depending on artwork complexity, our paint artisans in Montreal (QC) would spend between 10 hours and more than 120 hours crafting perfection.

Paint colours are hand-mixed to match the selected palette; finishes (metallic, pearl, glossy, satin, matte, etc) are incorporated into the process. The numerous steps of masking, priming, painting and clear-coating are all done by hand; as are those related to leather template cutting, foam forming and stitching, should you fancy our leatherwork option. Our leathersmith in Toronto can put the final touches to your Vitess Bespoke and help merge stellar craftsmanship with fabulous functionality.

When all the components are ready, you are booked in for your one-on-one build session: learn more about the engineering behind your bicycle, how the various pieces come together, how they function and get maintained over time. This session is intended to empower you with the technical knowledge we think will help elevate your cycling experience.

We then get to the delivery-stage session: we take you through the process of micro-adjustments on the bicycle to achieve perfect fit. While the end goal is to craft a bicycle that feels like an extension of your body, we want you to understand why and how: we want you to be part of the process.

Please email to book a private visit and meet one-on-one with our Founder, Julien Papon.

When Vitess Bespoke is not enough, there is Or Noir.

Rooted in an exploration of what can be accomplished with carbon fibre when financial constraints are removed, Or Noir is a different perspective on how performance and luxury can merge to deliver an experience like no other.


Any questions about joining VitessX or learning more about our Trial Membership package: send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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