Rider Insights: VitessX member Angelina Marian

Some people think that they don’t “deserve” a good road bike because of their lack of cycling experience. Others, often with no cycling experience at all, don’t really know whether they do or not. But they understand that they need help.
Please meet VitessX member Angelina Marian. From a hybrid bike to a Vitess Made-to-Order Collection Series: this is her story.

I joined the TD Peloton team in 2015 to train and ride for the Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer that year. That’s where I met Vitess Founder Julien Papon at one of the events, and was introduced to both the VitessX TD community and the Vitess brand.
Julien and his team played an integral part in my training for this epic event. Earlier in the training it became apparent to me that I needed a road bike to keep up with the group. Being a novice I turned to my fellow cyclists and Julien for advice. I was introduced to the idea of Vitess bikes and test riding one of those customized carbon fibre bikes made me realize that riding can be so much more enjoyable than what I was used to. It’s a night and day difference compared to my Hybrid.
It seemed like a dream bike and I was not ready for this big investment. Julien was key in helping me make a decision with this purchase by carefully documenting my short and long term goals, explaining the importance of bike fitting, service options and training.
This process helped me realize that purchasing a bike from your neighborhood bike store is really that: just purchasing a bike. In my case, I needed more: guidance and support to discover the sport, a relationship with experts and the right tools to become a better cyclist, and a community to share my learning experience.
I am now the proud owner of a Vitess Collection Series road bike and I completed my first Ride to Conquer Cancer. I am also a VitessX member now! The great news about being a member is that Julien’s entrepreneurial skills combined with his and his team’s passion, knowledge and dedication to help novice cyclists like me makes this a unique and confidence-boosting experience.
My cycling journey continues and huge thanks to Julien and his team for assisting me with this adventure.
Angelina Marian

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