Profile: Zac Webster, Vitess Brand Ambassador

Over the last 12 months, 80% of those who converted to Vitess were referred by an existing Vitess rider. This type of organic growth is extremely rewarding and shows that the purchasing & ownership experience of a Vitess is worth talking about. But it also totally supports our commitment to building a second-to-none community of like-minded individuals within ClubV.

To provide structure to this peer-to-peer approach and to respond to the wish of a select few Vitess riders to take a more active role in this process, we are thrilled to introduce the Vitess Brand Ambassador program.

Each Vitess brand ambassador has a unique story to share, a reason why they are so passionate about the brand, and want to talk to you about it.

Profiling Zac Webster (@zwebster), Vitess brand ambassador, ClubV member and VitessX TD steering committee member.

Q: What’s your perception of the Vitess brand, how does it resonate with you?
A: To me it embodies a passion for cycling and striving for greatness; seeking the best of the best and not compromising… on anything.

Q: What can you tell us about yourself?
A: I’ve been riding since I was very young. I started mountain biking which led to a time in the downhill / free-ride world. From there I developed into a road cyclist or “roadie”. I’ve enjoyed each discipline and still enjoy mountain biking! I now have a great love for the road because it brings a social aspect to the ride. Riding in a group is fun! It’s also challenging. Your club friends, team or group of buddies can push you to be even better. I also enjoy riding alone as I find myself always trying to beat myself and my personal goals/times.

Q: How does your Vitess (make you) feel?
A: My Vitess is personal which embodies the passion I have for cycling and it is elite/top end when it comes to the quality of design and engineering. It’s stiff, fast and it makes me feel strong and confident on the saddle. It’s made for me and no one else. I ride more and with more enjoyment because of that.

3 ways to connect with Zac:

Phone: 416.885.4879


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