Profile: Keith Sanger, Vitess Brand Ambassador

ClubV member Keith Sanger (@ksanger) was looking for a unique visual theme for his Vitess Bespoke; one that talks to his roots from across the pond.

Based on the initial sketch to the colors and wavy visual trademark of British Airways that Keith provided us, he and creative director Ian Hough went through a number of design iterations, resulting in a Vitess Bespoke piece that can hardly be more unique and representative of those roots.

Keith thinks so highly of the process he went through and what owning a Vitess means to him, that he decided to take an active brand outreach role by joining the newly launched Vitess Brand Ambassador program. He would love to share his story with you and explain why he is so passionate about the brand.

Profiling Keith Sanger, Vitess brand ambassador and ClubV member.

Q: What’s your perception of the Vitess brand, how does it resonate with you?
A: To me, the Vitess brand evokes images of exclusivity and quality that cannot be attained by any of the mass manufacturers of bicycles.

Q: What can you tell us about yourself?
A: I grew up in England and graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from an English university. I spent a number of years working in the oil and gas industry before emigrating from South Africa to Canada in 1981. After 4 years in Ottawa, my family moved to the Toronto area and finally settled in Caledon.

Q: How does your Vitess (make me) feel?
A: I regained my youthful love of cycling in 1995, when I started mountain biking, which led to many 24-hour and 8-hour team races and, eventually, to road riding in 2008. After one Trek and two Cervelos I eventually purchased a bespoke Vitess that is an absolute pleasure to ride and has a way of carving a corner that I had not previously experienced. Despite the obvious performance capabilities of my Vitess, it is still the most comfortable bike I have had the pleasure of riding, even for century rides.

3 ways to connect with Keith:

Phone: 647.205.3100


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