Private Lessons

We offer both Private (1-on-1) and Private Group (1-on-4) Lessons. They are structured as one-off engagements based on a specific needs, or preferably as a series of multiple engagements to drive and track progress.
We always start with an assessment of where you’re at and suggest a plan forward. We can either follow our standardized Discover | Elevate | Perform teaching plan or we can build a bespoke plan to suits your unique needs and aspirations.
example: private group lesson level discover 1.0
Discover Level 1: 90-min session for 4 people
Lesson segment 1.1: Learn about your bike basics
Where: Club House (indoors)
Duration: 30mins
Curriculum includes:
  • review of bike systems and components (glossary hand-out provided)
  • review of bike functions
  • pre&post ride safety checklist
Lesson segment 1.2: Learn to ride basics
Where: Club House (outdoors)
Duration: 60mins – mix of ride and tutorial
Curriculum includes:
  • clip in/out of pedals
  • proper posture & hand placement
  • safe braking
  • effective shifting
  • stop&go patterns
  • low-speed bike handling


Any questions about membership: send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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