Group Training Ride & Workshop 30 April 2016

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Event Brief

What: Training Ride & Workshop
When: Saturday April 30th, 2016 – 7:45am – 11:45am
Host Venue: High Point Wellness Centre, 5110 Creekbank Rd., Suite 700, Mississauga, L4W 0A1 (Dixie/Eglinton Area)

This training ride is structured in such a way that no matter your pace, no matter how you feel on the day, you’ll have a great deal of fun. And the spectacular route will make you (re)discover the west-end of Toronto, making you rethink in-city riding; and you’ll understand what “watch them take off” means.

Event Details

All riding abilities are welcome. This ride is fully supported and multiple pace groups will be led by experienced ride leaders to caters to various riding abilities. Ride distance can be altered as well to match each pace group’s needs, from 40km to 90km.


7:45-8:00am: Registration & espresso bar
8:00-8:15am: Welcome note, dynamic stretching session led by Dr. Patrick Welsh
8:20am: Ride start
From 10:40am: complementary 10-min Active Release Technique personal treatments with Dr. Bryon Weinberg and Dr. Patrick Welsh (sign-in sheet at registration)
11:00am-11:20am: Post-ride social
11:20am-11:45am: Post-ride workshop

Workshop details

This will be a highly interactive session focusing on active static stretching exercises that can be used after a ride, or for that matter after a long day in a seated position at the office. The first part of the session will provide an overview of the relevant muscular science theory, and it will be followed by the learning and experimenting of a set of exercises. Time will be allocated to Q&A and hand-outs with exercise instructions will be provided. This session will be led by Dr. Patrick Welsh.

  1. Jim Edwards 6 years ago

    Hi Julien,
    Thank you very much for organizing the amazing ride last Saturday- what a perfect start to the riding season, and you could not have ordered better weather! The group leaders were very helpful with their riding tips along the way- and the terrain was perfect to start the season! Your suggestions on form and cadence will for sure make my riding season this year so much better. It was great to also get in some practice with riding in a group and understanding drafting.
    Many thanks for another awesome Vitess experience.

  2. Lisette Léveillé 6 years ago

    Hello everyone,
    This was a great FIRST event. Thank you to High Point Wellness Centre, for the hospitality, the pre-ride warm up and post ride care session, along with the mini posture clinical session. We learn something new everyday and that is what keeps up mentally healthy. The ride gave me a great perspective in my cycling abilities and how much more I can improve. My new bike was a great fit…no tingling in the fingers, no sore elbow joints. Great Job Julien.

  3. Lesley Nilsson 6 years ago

    Huge thank you to Julien and the team for a great ride. It was my first long-ish ride of the season and definitely a great group to ride with… plus we never would have discovered the awesome airport service roads without our trusty pack leaders. Really look forward to the next event and some great rollers!

  4. Stephen Isgar 6 years ago

    Hi Julien! What a great ride enhanced by a beautiful day. They say that from bed to shed is the most important part of the ride. When you finish a couple of hours with 55k on the clock and having paced it with 5 others working as a team, I am so glad I got out of bed! It was a real shame that there weren’t more RBCERS there and it was truly infectious to see the branded TD folk showing obvious enthusiasm and support. Am sure we could learn a lot from how they motivate each other to get out and ride. I cannot recommend enough how great the morning was and to encourage people to join. Chapeau to you and all the others that made it happen.

  5. Paul Jablonski 6 years ago

    Hi Julien,
    I just wanted to thank you and your team for a great experience on Saturday. The whole event was well organized and there was lots of good information provided. The stretching tips were great and the information on the hip flexor was excellent. Since I have had past hip flexor injuries, the information was timely and very useful.
    This was also my first time riding in a group and it was an amazing experience. Rob was a great ride leader and really helped me out with learning how to ride in a paceline. That was quite the experience and I did not think that I could ride so fast!
    It was an amazing day and I am looking forward to participating in future events!

  6. Erica Turner 6 years ago

    Saturday’s ride was my first ever long distance ride both on my own and as part of a group, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. A shout out to Keith, who paced with me at the very back, I very much appreciated the tips and tricks and the conversation, as well as the support when I just needed a moment.
    Unfortunately I didn’t get to enjoy the post event sessions as I had other commitments to get to that day, but I hope to attend future sessions in order to catch up 🙂
    It was a great experience as a total novice, and I am very glad that I signed up.

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