Fuel for Performance Mini-Clinic 12 April 2016

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Event Brief

What: Fuel Up For Performance
When: Tuesday April 12th, 2016 – 12:00pm – 1:00pm
Where: Cleveland Clinic Canada, Brookfield Place, 181 Bay Street, Suite 3000, Toronto
Guest Speaker: Jennifer Sygo, team dietitian for the Toronto Maple Leafs

Can what you eat and drink truly impact how you ride? You invest time in training and want to perform at your best – both in practice and on the big day. Join us to hear leading sports nutritionist Jennifer Sygo share the best ways to fuel and hydrate before, during and after your rides. Learn solutions that are practical, manageable and ready to be used on your next ride.

About Jennifer Sygo

Jennifer Sygo is a sports nutritionist, dietitian, writer, author, and professional speaker specializing in prevention and performance.

After completing an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry at McMaster University, Jennifer went on to obtain a Masters of Science in Human Biology and Nutritional Sciences from the University of Guelph. Jennifer has been a dietitian at Cleveland Clinic Canada since 2006, where she has helped thousands of executives and busy professionals make simple dietary changes to have a large impact on their performance, disease risk, and quality of life.

In addition to her work with executives, Jennifer is a leading sport nutritionist, and works with athletes ranging from the recreational level to Olympic medalists, as well as athletes in the NHL, CFL, Major League Baseball, and professional tennis. She currently serves as the team dietitian for Athletics Canada’s sprint team in Toronto, and also provides services to Gymnastics Canada and Triathlon Canada. In 2015, Jennifer served as Medical Lead for Nutrition for the Pan American Games in Toronto.

Jennifer is a popular speaker and seminar leader, and is a member of the National Speaker’s Bureau. She has provided presentations and keynote addresses on for organizations including Dietitians of Canada, Kellogg’s, GE, and RBC, and her nutrition expertise is regularly featured in the media, including CBC News and Radio, CanadaAM, and CTV NewsChannel. She is a regular contributor to Ricardo Magazine, and has been the nutrition columnist for the National Post since 2007. In 2014, Jennifer’s first book, “UnmaskingSuperfoods: the Truth and Hype about Acai, Quinoa, Chia, Blueberries, and More”, was published by HarperCollins Canada, and became a national best-seller. Outside of her work, Jennifer is an avid athlete and sports enthusiast, and a proud mother of two young boys.

Sports Nutrition Highlights

A leading sport dietitian, Jennifer:

• Is team dietitian for the Toronto Maple Leafs.
• Was joint Medical Lead (Nutrition) for the 2015 Pan American and ParapanGames in Toronto.
• Is the Nutritionist for the Athletics Canada’s Eastern Hub training group in Toronto, and is a member of the Integrated Support Team (IST) for Triathlon, Gymnastics, and Rhythmic Gymnastics Canada.
• Works with athletes and active individuals of all levels, ranging from weekend warriors and adult athletes to national, Olympic, and Paralympic team members in a wide range of sports, including artistic gymnastics, figure skating, track and field, speed skating, hockey, rowing, sailing, squash, rugby, wrestling, trampoline, trap shooting tae kwan do, and triathlon, including several world and Olympic medalists.
• Has been a provider of group presentations and one-on-one nutrition counseling for professional athletes, including the Toronto Argonauts, members of the National Hockey League and Major League Baseball, and professional tennis.
• Has been an invited speaker for a wide range of sports groups, teams, and organizations including Athletics Canada, Skate Canada, Gymnastics Canada, Swim Canada, Hockey Canada, Ringette Canada, Ontario Basketball, Triathlon Ontario, Snowboard Ontario, Alpine Ontario, Speed Skating Ontario, the University of Toronto’s sports medicine accreditation course for physicians, and the National Coaching Certification Program.
• Provided pre-Olympic preparation services for Canada’s national trampoline team (2006-2008), and rhythmic gymnastics group (2012) in preparation for the Olympic Games.
• As a result of her experience in sport nutrition, Jennifer was appointed to the College of Dietitians of Ontario’s Sports Nutrition Lab Test Expert Advisory Panel in 2010. She also instructor of High Performance Nutrition as part of from 2011-2013.


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