Clinical Bicycle Fitting 101: Join us

Join us to learn more about clinical bicycle fitting. We will discuss how physiological needs drive body position on the bike; and why proper posture also has such a tremendous influence on pain and discomfort while riding. We will also discuss the impact of a sub-optimum set-up on performance.

You will learn tips for self-assessment and gain insights to better understand the connections between you and your bike and what you should expect from a proper bike set-up; and also how that set-up shall evolve over time to reflect your changing body needs.

New to cycling or already an experienced rider: no matter – join us, there is always something new to learn. No previous exposure to anatomy, physiology or clinical bicycle fitting is required. Includes a 30-min open Q&A. No need to bring your bike /gear.

Visit the event brief and activate this group experience by booking your spot today. Limited capacity.

When: Monday September 19, 6:00-7:30pm
Where: Vintage Conservatory, 100 Lombard St, Toronto
Event entry fee: 1 VitessX Token for ClubV members and VitessX VC members; 2,000 VitessX Tokens for VitessX Premium members; 4,000 VitessX Tokens for VitessX members and sponsored guests

Guest Speaker: Julien Papon (@jpapon)

Julien Papon P.Eng. MBA M.Sc. M.Eng. is the Founder of Vitess Bicycle Corporation and VitessX. Over the last 7 years he has instilled his engineering and scientific process driven frame of mind to the topic of bicycle fitting, which has traditionally been more rooted in anecdotes and retail-level quick outcome reach. Vitess has built a second-to-none database of millions of clinical data points as well as proprietary processes that focus on understanding individual physiological needs and combining them with a number of other variables to formulate a course of action for creating optimum body position and body posture on the bike.


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