LevelUP: Electrify your Ride

Over the last few years many riders have asked us “can I upgrade my bike to electrical shifting without buying a brand new one?”

Until now the process of conversion from mechanical to electrical shifting was cumbersome because of the routing of the wire harness – the issue is the same for both Shimano and Campagnolo. On a frame-set designed for mechanical shifting, those electrical cables needed to be routed via the outside of the frame – leaving us with a sub-par solution in terms of function and aesthetics.

With the launch of the wireless electrical shifting from SRAM, things are dramatically different because there is no such cable to route. A few of you have already jumped on the electrical shifting bandwagon via the SRAM eTAP conversion kit we recently made available for bikes initially delivered with mechanical shifting. It includes a full overhaul for peace-of-mind.

Send us a note to levelup@vitessx.com to book a call and explore this and other ideas about the best equipment upgrade options to help you take your ride experience to the next level.
Why would you want to upgrade to electrical shifting?  

  1. Faster and more precise shifting
  2. Higher torque for flawless front shifting under load
  3. Better wrist ergonomics: no wrist rotation is required, only finger touch
  4. Higher repeatability: shifting is highly reliable because there is no “cable stretch”
  5. Low maintenance
  6. Multi hand-placement shifting (in the drops – “sprinting”, on top of the bar “climbing”)
  7. 1-6) are general benefits of electrical shifting
  8. SRAM eTAP specific functionality: race car paddle shifter set up – very intuitive with only 1 button per shifter, which control the up/down on the rear derailleur (most often used); depressing both buttons actuate the front derailleur.

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