Lab Fit Equipment in the Fitting Lab of our Club House Toronto. This equipment is used to design the rider interface of your new fit-to-order bicycle based on your personal physiological needs.
Similarly to our Vitess Made-to-Order and Vitess Bespoke processes, ordering a VitessX Fit-to-Order bicycle package starts with an in-depth initial consultation to assess your exact physiological needs. During that session, you’ll also learn a great deal about your body, your future bike, how they will interact with each other, and how to best prepare and train to achieve your personal cycling goals.
That process-driven approach guarantees peace-of-mind and best use of your budget: get the right individualized tools to take your ride experience to the next level.
VitessX Fit-to-Order bike packages are available as part of your Club Initiation. To discuss what VitessX Fit-to-Order bike package is right for you or to book your initial consultation, please reach us at

What’s the VitessX Fit-to-Order process?

The fundamental premise of our VitessX Fit-to-Order process is to mimic our Vitess Made-to-Order experience, but make it more accessible from a budget point of view by replacing a made-to-order Vitess with a mass-produced bicycle.
Based on your personal fit data and aspirations gathered during the initial consultation, our manufacturer Fit-to-Order partner sends us the bicycle that we think best fits your needs (proper frame size, gearing & component spec, preferred colour). Once it gets delivered, we dismantle the rider interface (stem, handlebar, seat-post, saddle) and rebuild it with the components that will work for you.

What’s included?

  • Comprehensive Initial Consultation to assess your physiological needs, including time spent on the Vitess Made-to-Order lab fit equipment to design the fit-to-order Rider Interface of your new bicycle. Time budget: 2.5 hours
  • Set of recommendations for pedals, shoes, computer and other accessories based on your personal needs assessed during the Initial Consultation. All gear, parts & accessories are available from the Pro Shop.
  • New road bicycle from Devinci or Argon 18 (Aluminium frame & Carbon Fibre fork, or optional full Carbon Fibre frame-set)
  • New fit-to-order Rider Interface (handlebar, stem, seat-post, saddle) based on Initial Consultation fit data: we partially dismantle the bicycle that was delivered from our partner manufacturer (and that was built to average demographics data) and swap the required components to match your unique physiological needs
  • Delivery-day fit-to-order micro adjustments and pick-up session. Time budget: 1.5 hours
Bicycle Manufacturer Fit-to-Order Partner Highlight: Devinci, one of our partners for the VitessX Fit-to-Order program, is a mid-size Canadian bike manufacturer that was founded in 1987 in Chicoutimi, QC, and is now headquartered in Saguenay.


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