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Part of building an awesome cycling experience is about making sure that you have the right gear & equipment. Many swear by the trial&error and anecdotal ways. We believe in data and science and our goal is to accelerate your learning curve and empower you with knowledge so that together we can take your ride experience to the next level.
Our VitessX FITassessFit&Learn & FITadjust clinical sessions are designed to gradually tackle every facets of the interface between your body and your bike, thus providing peace of mind that the gear & equipment will feel like a natural extension of the body.
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VitessX FITassess
You’re unsure if some of the pain & discomfort you’re experiencing on the bike are normal or if they are symptoms of issues that need to be addressed. Or maybe you’re thinking of upgrading your existing bike and want some expert guidance to figure out how to maximize your return on investment. Either way, you want to learn about what’s right: it’s time for a VitessX FITassess session.
This clinical session is the best starting point if you’re not sure if your existing bike is set-up correctly for you. We assess the compatibility between your physiological needs and the dimensions of your bike and we raise orange or red flags: issues that could spell trouble for you in terms of safety and comfort on the bike.
VitessX FITassess is a one-on-one clinical session that will determine if your existing bike is set-up right for you. It is a unique on-the-bike assessment that is structured to analyze injury risk, postural patterns, flexibility, strength and muscular imbalance, pedal stroke, bio-mechanical weaknesses and limiters, and produce a set of recommendations within the greater scope of your personal goals.
This is not a full clinical bicycle fitting session. You will learn plenty but no changes will be made to your bike. A comprehensive post-session report will be emailed to you a few days after the session. Budget 1.5 to 2 hrs.
Gift certificates are available.
Session Price: $250
VitessX Fit&Learn
You’re experiencing pain or discomfort on your existing bike and need help to understand and address the issues. Or maybe you feel just fine, but you’re unsure if your equipment is set-up optimally for you to take your performance up a notch. Either way, you want to learn and make it right: it’s time for a VitessX Fit&Learn session.
This session is our flagship clinical bicycle fitting session. It is a formidable opportunity to learn (or re-learn) the fundamentals of what it takes to feel good on a bike and perform at your best.
VitessX Fit&Learn is a unique off and on-the-bike assessment that delves into your medical history, cycling practice, training and personal objectives; it includes a full musculo-skeletal screening that analyzes systemic injury risk, on and off the bike pain and discomforts, postural and symmetry patterns, foot support and foot/pedal interface, operational ranges of motion, strength and muscular imbalance, pedal stroke, bio-mechanical weaknesses and limiters, and produces a set of recommendations within the greater scope of your personal cycling goals.
The deliverable for this session is two-fold:
1) for you to learn some of the science behind cycling, and get empowered to do what it takes to elevate your ride experience,
2) to modify your existing bike set-up to reflect your physiological needs at the time of the session.
Budget 3.5 to 4 hrs. Gift certificates are available.
Session Price: $500
VitessX FITadjust
This session is only accessible if you already went through a VitessX Fit&Learn clinical session, or if you are the first owner of a VitessX Fit-to-Order Bike Package, a Vitess Made-to-Order or Bespoke bicycle.
Your body physiological needs evolve over time, either driven by lifestyle changes or seasonality.
No matter if you’re new to cycling or already an experienced rider, this session will have us re-assess a targeted pool of physiological data (hamstrings operational range of motion, hip flexion, etc), compare it with our previous data collection, monitor trends and suggest courses of action. We will revisit the bike set-up and adjust it to reflect your most recent needs.
We recommend a yearly FITadjust so we can cover the issues of injury prevention, comfort and performance optimization; sometimes twice per year for riders with fast-changing physiological needs – new to cycling, injury-related issues, etc.
Budget 1.5 to 2 hrs. Gift certificates are available.
Session Price: $250
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