VitessX Fit-to-Order Bike Packages

Lab Fit Equipment in the Fitting Lab of our Club House Toronto. This equipment is used to design the rider interface of your new fit-to-order bicycle based on your personal physiological needs.
The VitessX Fit-to-Order program gives you access to club membership even if you are not ready yet for the full investment in a Vitess bicycle. As importantly, the process-driven approach guarantees peace-of-mind and best use of your budget: get the right individualized tools to take your ride experience to the next level.
Similarly to our Vitess Made-to-Order and Vitess Bespoke processes, it all starts with an in-depth initial consultation to assess your exact physiological needs. During that session, you’ll also learn a great deal about your body, your future bike, how they will interact with each other, and how to best prepare and train to achieve your personal cycling goals.
VitessX Fit-to-Order bike packages start at $1,999. Or $199 per month via our rental program. To discuss what VitessX Fit-to-Order bike package is right for you or to book your initial consultation, please reach us at or (1) 416 503 8987.

What’s the VitessX Fit-to-Order process?

The fundamental premise of our VitessX Fit-to-Order process is to mimic our Vitess Made-to-Order experience, but make it more accessible from a budget point of view by replacing a made-to-order Vitess with a mass-produced bicycle.
Based on your personal fit data and aspirations gathered during the initial consultation, we order the right bicycle (size, component spec, colour). Once it gets delivered, we dismantle the rider interface (stem, handlebar, seat-post, saddle) and rebuild it with the components that will work for you.

What’s included?

  • Comprehensive Initial Consultation to assess your physiological needs, including time spent on the Vitess Made-to-Order lab fit equipment to design the fit-to-order Rider Interface of your new bicycle. Time budget: 2.5 hours
  • Set of recommendations for pedals, shoes, computer and other accessories based on your personal needs assessed during the Initial Consultation. All gear, parts & accessories are available from the Pro Shop.
  • New road bicycle from Devinci, Fuji or one of our other partners (Aluminium frame & Carbon Fibre fork, or optional full Carbon Fibre frame-set)
  • New fit-to-order Rider Interface (handlebar, stem, seat-post, saddle) based on Initial Consultation fit data: we partially dismantle the bicycle that was delivered from our partner manufacturer (and that was built to average demographics data) and swap the required components to match your unique physiological needs
  • Delivery-day fit-to-order micro adjustments and pick-up session. Time budget: 1.5 hours
  • Complimentary VitessX Classic Membership for 6 months
Bicycle Manufacturer Partner Highlight: Devinci, one of our partners for the VitessX Fit-to-Order program, is a mid-size Canadian bike manufacturer that was founded in 1987 in Chicoutimi, QC, and is now headquartered in Saguenay.


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