VitessX is a cycling-centric private club headquartered in Toronto, Canada. It started as the private club for owners of Vitess Made-to-Order and Vitess Bespoke bicycles. The intent was to create a formidable ownership experience for our clients.

The club has since morphed into the largest private club of its kind in Canada. While Vitess is still the go-to equipment for those seeking the ultimate cycling experience, other bicycle brands (Devinci, Fuji, etc.) are now also offered on a Fit-to-Order basis for those who are not ready yet to invest in a Vitess.

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There is nothing like going on an adventure to understand what cycling can do for you. No adventure is too small or too big: what matters is to have a hefty dose of imagination, the right tools, and above all, the right companions.

– Julien Papon, VitessX Founder & Chairman

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