VitessX membership starts with a bicycle that fits like a glove

While Vitess is still the go-to equipment for those seeking the ultimate cycling experience, we understand that not everyone can rationalize the investment in a Vitess Made-to-Order or Vitess Bespoke bicycle. And so we partnered with leading Canadian mass manufacturers to offer a selection of their bicycles on a Fit-to-Order basis to make sure that regardless of price point, our members ride a bicycle that reflects their individual physiological needs and as a result fits like a glove.

And then it gives you access to a one-of-a-kind support system

Membership gives you access to a world of opportunities & tools that will make cycling a fabulously rewarding part of your life. Think of VitessX as your personalized support system to help you achieve your cycling goals, whatever those might be and no matter if you’re new to the sport or already an experienced rider. Learn more about Membership

VitessX is a cycling-centric private club headquartered in Toronto, Canada. It started as the private club for Vitess owners. The intent was to create a formidable ownership experience for our clients. The club has since morphed into the largest private club of its kind in Canada.

There is nothing like going on an adventure to understand what cycling can do for you. No adventure is too small or too big: what matters is to have a hefty dose of imagination, the right tools, and above all, the right companions.

– Julien Papon, VitessX Founder & Chairman

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Not ready to become a member? You might be able to join VitessX as a guest. You must be sponsored by an existing member, or join via a Corporate Affinity or Club Reciprocal Programs.

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